Featured Handbags: Cinda B

Accessories Cinda B Handbags Machine Washable Travel Bags

Created by Atlanta interior designer Cinda Boomershine in 2004, Cinda B’s handbags, travel bags and accessories are both fashionable and practical. Manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana, these bags are made by "one of the most experienced, well-known handbags sewing companies in the country". All of the products are made with durable, machine washable and water-restistant poly/nylon fabrics that come in a range of colors and designs. Cinda B’s totes and handbags are essential for anyone looking for a new go-to bag that can easily withstand life’s everyday wears and tears. Come down to the stores today and check out our current stock of "casual chic" handbags. In addition, we can also order any Cinda B items from their in-store catalog.

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