Our Story


If shopping doesn't bring you happiness you are in the wrong shop.

Founded on June 3, 2003 in Burlington, Iowa, Original Cyns has quickly become the destination for girls and women wanting an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, handbags and shoes that allows them to display their individual style.
With a balanced, undying love for both her All-American, Southeast-Iowa upbringing and her West-Coast fashion-inspired journeys, Cynthia Schuyler, is living the best of both worlds. After 10 years of living in L.A., she moved back to Burlington, Iowa to create an outlet for women to get the latest fashion opportunities.  She is not only dedicated to her store but equally involved in the vivacious downtown where Original Cyns is located.  Cyn works alongside many others to help work towards a strong and dynamic downtown Burlington.
In this, Original Cyns is commited to offering our customers quality and fashionable products with unmatched service. As well, as keeping our hands in the process of helping our downtown community be the best that it can be.

M,T,W,F : 10-5:30
Th : 10-7
S : 10-5
Sun : 12-4

We are proudly located in Downtown Burlington at 520 Jefferson St.